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5/8/2013 7:35 AM

I have seen some forum posts, developers asking for help developing webshop modules. OWS is a great tool and i think, we could develop an open Source Webshop solution together.

At the beginning, this project was developed as a low-budget solution for a customer. In the middle of the development, the customer decided to stop it. That was the point for me to start this open source project. I love open source and I thought, why not contribute something? Demo site at

I will publish the OWS-configurations at GitHub: owsWebShop@GitHub

Seeking help for implementation. If you are interested in joining and familiar with DotNetNuke and OpenWebStudio contact me or drop me a note.


thanks, Richard

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6/15/2013 4:22 PM

Hi Richard,

I've just tried to download the project to see if it's something that I could help with (it may well be beyond my current capabilities), but I could only find the .md file.  Is this correct, or have I shown my ignorance too soon?


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6/17/2013 10:00 AM

Hi Barry,

sorry, i had no time yet to upload my scripts and before i upload them, i wanted to review the code.

Ok, i will try to upload some scripts in the next week and will update this threat to inform you.

Its great to hear, that you are interested in this project.


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6/4/2014 2:52 AM

sorry for the delay, but there was no time to update this repo.

a webshop project ist a big thing and so i decided to start with a smaller projet.


I have build the first version of a new html module with content localization, based on ows, called "RSEHtmlModule"

For the first step, there is an install as a module, but this is a "fake" cause it's not standalone. You also need ows installed.


Maybe there is someone out there to convert the project into a full installable dnn module.

More info here:

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6/30/2014 9:34 AM

there are some ows-scripts and sql-scripts online now.

The project is now in developement and all future messages will be post at Github projectpage or at  GitHub or at the demosite


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