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5/22/2009 10:10 AM

I did simple example of a DNN login using OWS for the community to have a play with. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to understand by including comments explaining how evertyhing works.

This has been tested with OWS 2.1.10 & DNN 4.9.4.


You will need to:

1. Modify the "Forgot Password" link to point to your forgot password page.

2. Modify the "Register" link to point to your user registration page.

3. Modify the logged in "User Name" link to point to your user profiles page (normally the same page as the user registration page).


R2I / KEVIN: Can you please look into the follow issues:

1. If you try to login using the admin or host account that use the default DNN passwords (dnnadmin / dnnhost) it displays a "bad password" error, but it you refresh the page you are actually logged in.

2. [UserInfo.Membership.Password] always returns a blank value.

Maybe I'm not doing it correctly but if we can get these little issues sorted out then I will do an advanced version for the community that includes a custom forgot password form & custom user registration form ;)

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7/12/2009 4:36 AM

Dotnetnuke 5.1.0 has included a breaking change that will NOT allow you to use OWS / ListX to create a custom login page.

Please help us get this reverted back to how it was or changes made to the core that will allow us to continue to use OWS / ListX to create custom login pages.



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11/10/2009 5:36 AM

Has this been resolved yet?

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11/18/2009 6:25 AM
I have not reviewed it recently, but will do so.

Kevin M Schreiner
Open Web Studio
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11/18/2009 9:55 PM

Only slightly related... is it easy (or possible) to use OWS for custom DNN user registrations?

Using custom logins now which is brilliant to say the least, but hoping to see an example of a user registration configuration or where I could learn how this is done.


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